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Skin Therapy

We offer skin therapy for dogs and cats experiencing serious skin issues.  We will work hand in hand with the information and any treatment plan that may have been provided by your veterinarian.  Skin therapy is usually found as a last ditch effort for skin problems that haven't had success in treatment with medical intervention alone.  This is a complex and multi-step process that uses products that enhance the wellbeing of your pet's hair and coat and return the skin to its normal state.


Ozone Therapy

In combination with your vet's treatment plan and our specialized product line, ozone therapy has been found to help with:

FUNGUS  Dermatophytosis Dermatomycosis malassezia dermatitis Candidiasis

ALLERGIES dermatitis flea-allergy dermatitis food-allergy atopic dermatitis

SEBORRHEA  moist seborrhea & dry seborrhea

LEISHMANIASIS  for skin and coat nourishment a force & barrier against external agents.

ALOPECIA  trauma surgical shavings follicular atrophy adenitis of sebaceous glands follicular dystrophy alopecia of color dilution skin hydration

ITCHING to combat proliferation of bacteria and malassezia that cause itching.

WOUNDS  prevent or treat infection encourage healing

MISC APPLICATIONS soothe arthritic joints post-surgical orthopedic joint therapies –following healed incision.

Therapy Frequency & Timeline

Skin therapy is an extensive process.  You should plan on at least 6 weeks for the therapy process for optimal results.  Your pet may require 2 visits per week, occasionally more, depending on the issue at hand.

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