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The Barker Shop Relocation!

The Background:

The owners of the building stated that they "were looking to go a different direction" with the space and will not be pursing a long term lease with The Barker Shop. We have looked within the immediate vicinity with no luck on suitable spaces that match our timeline and zoning requirements. The new location is about 4 miles from our current space. While we are sad to leave, we are excited for the changes to come.

With change comes opportunity. While change is usually challenging, we view this as an opportunity to improve upon The Barker Shop. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean space for your pets to visit! The new 5500 square foot space is located in Willowbrook on 75th and Quincy (right off Kingery). Our new facility boasts 14 offices around the perimeter of the interior allowing for a "cage free" environment for dogs that do not tolerate cages or kennels.

In addition to the cage free option, we will be located on the back side of a retail strip center taking us away from the busy street- which is safer for anxious pups that may slip out of their collars. This space also has ample parking available for our customers.

We are excited to update you as we progress on the space! We will continue booking appointments and do not have any down time expected during this transition. The goal is to make the move in one weekend after close on Saturday and reopen Monday. When we have more solid dates for the move we will notify you! Currently our relocation is looking to happen around March 2023.

Your pet's favorite groomers are ready to offer the same superior experience at our new location!

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