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Fear Free Grooming

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Fear Free Certified Groomers are committed to making your pet’s “spaw” day fun and relaxing! We do not expect your pet to love every part of the groom as we know there are aspects of grooming that are not always pleasant. The goal for these procedures is to help your pet feel as calm and comfortable as possible. This is achieved through a combination of reward-based training and desensitization. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Our groomers will work closely with YOU and your pet to accomplish a Fear Free “spaw” day!

This process is not for everyone.  Some grooms will need to be broken up into multiple visits.  So, if you are just looking for the end result quickly, this may not be for you.  Click learn more below to read on.

Currently, Alina is our only Certified Fear Free pet groomer.  The fear free process is done at an additional charge.  The cost is dependent on a variety of factors.  Whether or not your pet has been groomed previously, if they have any aversions to grooming, what kind and how many behaviors or fears that will need to be worked thru.  To start the fear free grooming process, schedule a consultation HERE

Fear Free can ONLY be booked with Alina.  We will reach out via e-mail prior to your appointment so you know what to expect during your consultation.

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